I added a cool Pastebin script to our site.  Currently its under the Tools menu.  Its a fork of the script that was sold to Pastebin.com.  Lightweight and simple which works well for us; its will rarely if ever be used.

The funnest part of this script was that I was able to customize the CSS to use our sites background image.  I think it looks great!

When I originally did the research for the clan’s title system I had troubles finding a title for apprentices and friends.  Because the title system I adopted is Latin and predates the Roman Empire, it is more difficult to find reliable information.  Today I read that Eques is is the singular form of Equites (an elite group of knight’s on horseback) and I think this source is more reliable.

I have a vague recollection that my previous research indicated an Eques, like the Equites, was a knight but not on horseback.  However, it makes more sense that Eques is actually the singular.  That said, I have decided to convert Eques into the Infantem (Latin for infantry).  Later on I may find a Latin alternative that is more reflective of these member’s role (apprenticeship and friends).  For now Infantem is the new title.

While the problem with the previous PHP Web Rcon script we tried wasn’t related to un-open ports, that was the trouble with the new script I wrote myself.  I have since had the appropriate outbound ports opened and now the script is working great!

The general idea of the script is now complete.  Any additional changes will be aesthetic or to improve convenience (drop down boxes instead of text boxes). Other than that, it should remain pretty as it is now; unless my PHP skills improve dramatically and I get an itch.

Hope you’ll enjoy it!  You can access it from the Tools menu or here: http://rcon.ducesoforion.com.

Turns out that it wasn’t the ports on the server that was a problem. The ports in the script I was using were limited to 7770 7780 – for another game. I gave up trying to modify it because it wasn’t a straight forward solution.

I have opted in favor of writing my own PHP script using an rcon library I found on sourceforge.net. I have a working copy running now, albeit extremely slow on my very lousy home server.

I’ve tried running it on better servers but there is a problem I have not been able to track down. I will post again when I have that solved.

I’ve added a PHP RCon script to the site (in the menu).  Initially this won’t work because we don’t have the outbound ports on the server open yet.

As of 2/21/2014 the San Jose server is unresponsive.  Today I found it its because MavericServers.com had to shutdown the California server and has moved it to New York.  The new IP is, everything else remains the same.

I’m currently looking into having this server hosted in Dallas instead, but New York will be ok if that isn’t possible.

I know I said it was finished before, but this time it is actually finished.  I have gotten ALL of the user information and other data from the previous site (except birthdates – not possible) setup in the new site.  I have solved every problem, and even customized the CSS and theme in a way that I am happy with.

Hopefully I will now be able to tear myself away from this project and get back to other things; they are starting to pile up.  I must say I’m not 100% satisfied with the new logo, I might pursue options there: http://ducesoforion.com/forums/topic/duces-of-orion-logo/#post-625

Late last week our site hit counter passed 2,000!  This is the same hit counter that we had at http://ducesoforion.webs.com and keeps the hits from when the site was there.

I think I’ve done all I’m going to do as far as adjusting user profiles, last activity dates, join dates, etc.  Nearly everything is in sync with where it was on the old site so we can move forward from here almost seamlessly.

There is a lot of new functionality, for example members are now categorized by rank (see About Us > The DO Ranking System for more info).  The new forums are a vast improvement over the old forums.  We don’t currently have a photo gallery anymore, but I may work on adding something at a later time.

From here out there will be periodic marginal improvements, like I might want to tweak the CSS a bit more in a few places.  I also need to do something about the registration process, and I’m sure there are other things I haven’t noticed yet.

I have all of the old profiles now created as users in BuddyPress.  I still don’t have all of the previous user profile data in BuddyPress, I will likely work on that more in the near future.

Last night I was able to finish moving all of the forum posts from webs.com to our new bbPress forum (1 post at a time).  Extremely tedious, but I’m happy that I was able to keep the original author/poster and the original time stamps.

With the forum up and running and all the users created, I think its time to go live.  Last night I transferred the site out of our development area (dev.ducesoforion.com) and its now live on ducesoforion.com which was a nightmare in itself.  There were over 600 MySQL Database entries where the URL was hardcoded.  Luckily I found a pretty easy query that I ran to take care of most of them.

I still have plans to tweak the CSS a bit and a few other odds and end, but we’re pretty much setup with out new website.  :)